The “power trio” reSurge has ReSurged!

Concert at Fylkingen 22 October at 19.30

Lars Bröndum: guitar & live electronics

Lisa Ullén: piano

Yann Le Nestour: contrabass clarinet

reSurge was formed in 2003 by Bröndum and Ullén as Surge. In 2004 Surge became “ReSurge” and expanded to a quartet with the addition of Sandell and Åkerhielm. Recent additions are Emil Strandberg and Yann Le Nestour.  2012 Surge is a trio consisting of Bröndum-Ullén-Le Nestour.

reSurge performs new music that lives on the edge of notated structures - improvisation - acoustic ensemble playing and live electronics.


Emil Strandberg: trumpet

Ulf Åkerhielm: contrabass

Jonna Sandell: violin

Christer Bothén: contrabass clarinet


Art music record reviews from Sonoloco

ReSurge 3rd

Studio recordings featuring reSurge extended as well as a live concert with 
the new line up consisting of 
Emil Strandberg, Lars Bröndum, 
Lisa Ullén, Yann Le Nestour.

Sound Structures

This new CD, that I received a couple of days ago at the release concert at Fylkingen in Stockholm, is a vibrant cat-walk meow to stir and disturb the progression of fowl-mouthed and ill-witted intentions that rise against us like deafening tsunamis....ReSurge conjures feelings of hope and emotional resistance out of their instrument’s, out of Lisa’s hammering grand piano, Jonna’s scraping violin, Ulf’s rumbling double bass and Lars’ traversing guitar climbs and soaring, hovering electronics.
review: Sonoloco record reviews

The Soul in the Machine

ReSurge; The Soul in the Machine... The word that comes to mind with immediacy and force is CLARITY. There is a clarity throughout this CD that normally is reserved for Morton Feldman or Stockhausen, who - albeit their extreme differences - have CLARITY in common; musical and intellectual clarity. Despite the obvious complexity of Stockhausen's pieces and the hidden complexity inside Feldman's simplicity, light and transparency is a common trait for those cultural gurus.

The next word that comes tumbling out of my ReSurge listening is inspiration, piggy-backing on the word beauty, or vice versa! It is easy to feel the joy and creativity of the members of this ensemble, which, paired with a talent that doesn't hold back, makes this one of the most important Swedish releases in quite a few years.
review: Sonoloco record reviews

Photo by Yann Le Nestour & Bröndum

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“Här samsas konstmusikalisk perfektion med improvisatorisk känsla”.  Read the whole review

Camilla Dal, Gefle Dagblad 7 nov 2009.

“This music circles the infinite Now, and moves ever closer to its core, by way of a sonically spiraling motion. On the way to this only hypothetically reachable destination, a gesture of appeasement is granted”

Sonoloco review of  ReSurge live at Fylkingen 20 Sept. 2008.

“The word that comes to mind with immediacy and force is CLARITY... The next word that comes tumbling out of my ReSurge listening is inspiration, piggy-backing on the word beauty, or vice versa!”  Sonoloco record review

Surge Extended


Listen to SURGE

Coincidenta Oppositorium excerpt.mp3
for piano, electronics, bass clarinett

Parabolae (2007)  
for violin, contra bass, trumpet, bass clarinet,
contrabass clarinet, piano
Surge for violin and electronics
Jonna Sandell-violin,  Lars Bröndum-electronicsreSurge_files/Coincidenta%20expt%20mp3.mp3reSurge_files/Coincidenta%20expt%20mp3.mp3reSurge_files/parab.mp3reSurge_files/SURGE%201%20%28L.%20Bro%CC%88ndum%29.mp3shapeimage_8_link_0shapeimage_8_link_1shapeimage_8_link_2shapeimage_8_link_3