Spiral Cycle


A live electronics duo

Lars Bröndum and Jamie Fawcus

Guests: David Linros, Lisa Ullén, Katarine Widell, Patrik Karlsson, Sten-Olof Hellström.



May 14    Spiral Cycle performs with violinist Kat Hernandez at Fylkingen.

Feb 19     Spiral Cycle (Jamie & Lars with guests Girilal Bars) Elsvets Concert 2011 at Fylkingen (SEAMS/VEMS).


Jan 31    Lars Bröndum, Jamie Fawcus and Paula Sundin performs electroacoustic music at Hudderfield University in England.

Feb 5      Spiral Cycle (Jamie & Lars with guests Lisa Ullén and David Linnros) is performing at Fylkingen in Stockholm, Sweden.

Feb 20    Bröndum performs live at the SEAMS/VEMS Elsvetskonsert.  18.00-24.00, Fylkingen, Stockholm 80:-

May 3     Bröndum, Fawcus, Ullén performs at Fylkingen, Stockholm

Jun 29     Bröndum and Fawcus and other Fylkingen/EMS acts play at the Norberg Festival (June 29 to 1 august).

Sep 9-11  Bröndum and Fawcus play in Riga at the SKAŅU MEŽS festival.

Dec  11    Lars and Jamie performs at Ljusfesten at Fylkingen.


Oct 4      Spiral Cycle - live electronic music concert performed by Bröndum & Jamie Fawcus and friends, Fylkingen, Stockholm. 19.00  (80 SEK)

Sept 4     Subspace 2009 concert at Fylkingen, Stockholm (Patrik Karlsson - lute, Katarina Widell - alto recorder,

               Lisa Ullén - piano,  Lars Bröndum-  live-electronics, Jamie Fawcus - live-electronics) 19.30  80 :-/students free

June 11   Spiral Cycle concert on Fylkingen in Stockholm. Live electronics by Bröndum & Fawcus.  kl. 20.00   80:-/students 40:-

Jan 24     Spiral Cycle performs live at the SEAMS Vinterkonsert  kl. 19.00     80:-/students free

Pictures: Fredrik Gran

Spiral Sounds (exerpts)


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