ExSurge has performed as a duo since 2004, occasionally expanding into larger entities.  The music is an interaction between acoustic instruments and live laptop/electronics.  The musical material is both generated through improvisation and notated structures. 

Lisa Ullén: piano, prepared piano, synthesizer.

Lars Bröndum: guitar, crackle box,  laptop and live electronics


Christer Bothén, Emil Strandberg, Yann Le Nestour,

David Linros, Johan E. Andersson

Lisa Ullén is educated at the Royal Music Acadamy in Stockholm and at Chapel Hill University, NC, USA. Lisa Ullén has worked in a wide variety of musical settings, before concentrating on improvisation and interaction with electro-acoustic music  Besides leading her Quartet, Lisa is also a member of the chamber music ensemble ReSurge, the duo ExSurge, and in various contingent constellations. She was nominated for Swedish jazzradio as  ”New Swedish Jazz Pianist award". She is also an active member of Fylkingen, where she is in the production group and board member in FRIM (association of free improv music).  Ullén has perfomed with Gavin Bryars, Dave Smith, Jack Wright, Caroline Kraabel, Jonathan Segel, Nina de Heney, among others.

Lars Bröndum has a Bachelors degree in classical guitar, a Masters in Music degree and PhD in composition & music theory at the University of Pittsburgh. Dr. Bröndum currently composes chamber music and electroacoustic music and has had works performed throughout Europe, USA and Mexico.  Lars has also performed in several new music festivals in USA, Mexico and Sweden. In 2007 Lars recieved a composer award from FST (Swedish Composer’s Society).   Bröndum is a menber of Fylkingen and President of VEMS (Composers at EMS society)  and a board member in SEAMS (Society for Electroacoustic Music in Sweden).  Lars has also written several computer programs for live interaction between instruments and computer.


Stronium 90

Live at Fylkingen


CD's can be purchased at:

Disorder Productions



ExSurge in action at Fylkingen  (photo by Loco Nordin)

Review of Stronium 90 ”...Little sonic coins keep tumbling, swirling down the tilted planes of Bröndum’s ingenuity, while Ullén’s piano stubbornness circles and spirals its titanium screws into ebony and jacaranda, ensuring a steadfast and sturdy beauty! Yeah, Ullén’s hatchet comes down hard on the body of the grand piano, causing showers of overtones to gush out in gleaming trajectories.  The final gift on this CD is Forever Autumn. Once again the feeling is magic, the atmosphere enchanted, perhaps by way of a light, wavy motion through which all sounds emerge somewhat hazy, a little obscure, with light and color mixed into a sound that harbors seriously possible pleasures!  Review by Sonoloco Record Reviews

ExSurge Sound Samples:     movement 3.mp3     movement 6.mp3

More info at:  www.brondum.se/MuArk